About MDN

The Mandarin Daily News was founded on October 25, 1948. For 75 years, it has upheld its founding principle of "running the newspaper with an educational mindset". Currently, it publishes 16 daily sections, including news reports, international news analysis, language learning, civic literacy, legal knowledge, scientific knowledge, culture and arts, parenting, and sports. The content is in line with educational trends and helps cultivate children's reading abilities and interests. The current circulation is about 60,000 copies. Following the success of the Mandarin Daily News, the Mandarin Weekly and the Youth Journal, both with a circulation of 40,000 copies, are also loved by readers.

The target audience of Mandarin Daily News was originally students, but it gradually expanded from schools to households and various social strata. The newspaper's distribution area has become increasingly extensive, with some readership from overseas schools. Several foreign famous universities also use it as a research resource.

With a passion and vision for promoting Chinese-tradition language and education, in addition to its newspaper business, the Mandarin Daily News has diversified into multiple business areas, including book publishing, language centers, cultural centers, etc. These provide quality learning resources such as books, language courses, and talent courses for education, culture, families, and schools. They have made significant contributions to the country and society, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Taipei City Government in 1986, 1988, and 1990 as outstanding group for promoting community education. On its 30th anniversary, the Ministry of Education awarded it the "Achievements in Education" plaque.

Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew admired the Mandarin Daily News greatly. At the launching ceremony of the Chinese-language "Friday Weekly" in Singapore on February 22, 1991, he emphasized that the newspaper's concept came from the Mandarin Daily News in Taipei. Former President Lee Teng-hui also said at the "Concern for Primary School Education Reform" symposium hosted by the newspaper (held on July 5, 1995, at the Presidential Palace): "In Taiwan, almost all children have grown up reading the Mandarin Daily News. I also learned Mandarin through the Mandarin Daily News."